We, as RGA Management Contsultants, Ltd. are a management consultancy company,Turkish origined, having a proven track recaord of gulding Turkish Companies in their strategic development and assisting foreign companies to establish and grow their activities in turkish market.

Established in 1992 with the aim of assisting corporations in the development of alternative solutions to problems and playing a guiding role in the definition of corporate strategy, RGA Management Consultants has served many Turkish and foreign organizations.

Our firm,  which believes that organizations have the capacity to develop their own sulutions to problems, has made a principe of assisting organizations to reach the most appropriate with practical experience, RGA Management Consultants tackles problems on a multı-faceted basis.

  • Helping to alleviate difficulties in the decision-making process that arise due to problems like a busy schedule, lack of time and corporate blindness.
  • Developing business straregies through the analysis of firms own strengths and weakness recognizing opportunizies and protecting against threats to bring out each individual competitive advantag.
  • Enlightening the business decision-making process through research activities.
  • Conducting feasibility studies for investments in domestic and foreign markets.
  • Market research studies.
  • Working together to find satisfactory solutions to company problems, giving consulting services in planned organizational development and business process restructuring (which also includes establishment of custom made performance evaluation system) programs.
  • Executing special projects of the private and/or official organizations nationwide.
  • Playing a leading role in establishing franchising systems for the franchiser companies.
  • Condusting education and training programs.
  • Recruitment.